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Getting Your Brand Known Through Custom Apparel

Getting custom apparel printed can increase your brand’s awareness. It can help you stand out in your industry events and attract attention from others. As a result, you should choose designs that will spark interest and interaction. Your apparel should stand out from the rest, breaking free of the usual corporate branding guidelines. It should also express your brand’s unique personality.

Before you begin production, it’s important to develop a marketing strategy. You can solicit feedback from strangers or run a contest to gather ideas. You can also consider running a survey or poll to find out which designs will garner the most interest. Even if you don’t get a lot of responses, you can still find some customers who might want your products.

There are several printing processes available for custom apparel. A designer may choose from screen printing or sublimation to print his design onto a garment. You should carefully consider each option before deciding on one. These processes can offer incredible detail, bulk volume capability, and soft-touch prints. If you’re looking for a partner to print your apparel, you can look online.

Another type of apparel printing process is called direct-to-garment printing. This technique uses specialized print heads to apply water-based ink to fabric. It is best for natural fibers like cotton. It’s easier to maintain, and produces a higher-quality image than screen printing. Moreover, DTG printers can print high-definition images and graphics.

In addition, custom apparel printing is a great way to promote a brand. It can be used to create a walking billboard of the brand and is highly effective for marketing campaigns. According to Statista, the global custom t-shirt printing market is estimated to reach over $3 billion by 2025. This means that this marketing strategy will continue to grow throughout the decade. So, if you’re interested in finding a new direction in your business, apparel printing is a good place to start.

One of the most popular garment printing methods is screen printing. In this process, an ink stencil is placed over the garment. Different screens are used for different colors. If you want the shirt to be Pantone-matched, this method is the best choice. This process is also popular for large-scale production. The results of screen printing are thick, bright, and opaque.

DTG printing can save you a lot of money on your apparel printing order. A single DTG garment can take about three minutes to print, but the complexity of the design will determine how long it takes. Some DTG printers can even print multiple garments at a time. For large-scale orders, DTG printers can save you money and reduce your labor costs.

Screen printing gives you vibrant graphic designs that stay on your apparel. Unlike a digital printing process, screen printing allows you to mix several colors to produce thousands of Pantone-compatible colors. If you’re not sure on how will you design your apparel, you can consult the experts at your local printing company in Tacoma┬áto plan your next campaign.